Monday, September 3, 2007

Milford - The Return of the Refrigerator Repairman

We left the dock at Branford and headed over to the fuel dock. We had to back out with a strong wind pushing us into our dock. Tying the dinghy up short, I neglected to shorted the painter enough and I heard a strange grinding sound as we back up. Yep, I had sliced through the painter, luckily the line parted instead of wrapping itself around the prop. I guess there's something to be said for cheap line, I bought it at Home Depot for $10 for 100 feet. We had a few moments of fun retrieving the dinghy with the boat hook but finally got it secured and tied off. After that I took on 21 gal of diesel.

The wind was predicted to be 15 to 20 kts out of the southwest which put Port Jefferson out of the question as far as we were concerned (PJ was dead SW). So instead we motored over to Milford, only 10 miles west. We still saw 15 to 20 kts true wind and the typical Long Island Sound chop (short, steep waves). We were making about 7 kts with water over the bow at times but the powerboats were not doing much better, 8 to 9 at most. It was a wild ride but a short ride. Approaching Milford, we saw one small powerboat come out, turn around and head back in.

Milford is one town that has its act together. They have an attractive marina at good rates ($2.50/ft) and within a short walk of the center of town. The marina is like a flower garden with all the plantings. They have improved the boat launch ramps across from the marina to provide entertainment for us, no end of fun watching boats being launched (you wouldn't believe how some people launch boats!) Coming down the fairway, we almost collided with a small powerboat. He decided to come to a dead stop about 10 feet in front of us and Ann had to put Fleetwing in reverse suddenly to avoid another insurance claim.

Several discounts at local restaurants are part of the dockage at the Milford Town Landing so we took advantage of a 10% discount at Cancun's Charlies, a Mexican restaurant that's pretty good. They also provide free coffee and a paper in the morning, not a bad deal.

Now, to the refrigerator. Our old friend, Jerry (we're on a first name basis) paid us another visit since the freezer section didn't get below 32F overnight. He fed in some more refrigerant (409A) and spent about 2 hours with us before he was satisfied it was working okay. Right now the freezer is reading -1F and we're in the process of freezing our first set of ice trays with the new compressor. With that I think I can call the repair a success. We have a 2 year warranty on the new compressor and associated electronics. On to Port Jefferson in the morning with a promised northwest wind!
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