Friday, September 7, 2007

Oyster Bay - Another 5 hour sail

The morning dawned with a blue sky and warm weather. I went forward to raise the anchor as Ann tended the wheel. As usual there was a lot of mud to be washed off with the anchor washdown pump. As we headed out, we saw many of the characteristic clam boats that inhabit Northport. The man in the boat will pull and push furiously on a long pole up to 30 feet in length to harvest clams. It sure looks like hard work!

We sailed all the way from Northport into Oyster Bay, great day for a sailboat! There was a forecast of 20 kt gusts the tonight so we anchored close to a south shore in Oyster Bay in about 7 feet of water. With 120 feet out, that's a lot of scope so we should be secure for the night.

I called Samalot to schedule a visit on Monday to replace my topping lift jury rig with a proper replacement so we'll be headed up river on Sunday. I expect Monday will be taken up with the topping lift repair and then we'll head for PYC on Tuesday, arriving early afternoon. Tomorrow we'll aiming for Manhasset to position ourselves for a trip through the East River, always a "fun" ride.
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