Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the Boat at PYC

We made it to the boat around 3:00 after a LOT of packing and one trip back home to pick up several items we forgot. However, we didn't forget Matthew, our grandson, who will start his first blog now:

Hello. My name is Matthew. I'm going to be writing a blog this summer about our voyage down the Hudson River to Long Island Sound and up to Maine. I'm on my Grandparent's boat, Fleetwing. Today we saw my Great grand mother, Gram Gram. She is 99 years old. Then we went to Poughkeepsie Yacht Club and moved our clothes and food onto Fleetwing. I started to build Lego's Imperial Star Destroyer. After dinner, we saw a mother duck with 11 babies. I fed them 2 slices of bread. The babies hogged the bread. After that I read my new book, "The Day My Butt Went Psycho." And now here I am writing my blog . Goodnight!

Well, we've been reintroduced to 9 year-old humor. He laughed and laughed while reading his book. We'll leave tomorrow around 10:00 or so and be in the Haverstraw Cove for the night.



Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew and folks,
Sounds like you are off to a great
start to your voage.Great job on your frist blog.Note from Sarah,
We love Matthew and we went shopping today.Matthew have a great time. love Sarah