Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's me, Matthew again. Today I woke up and checked my Imperial Star Destroyer to see if any pieces were on the floor and it was perfectly fine. Then I moved it back into my room and the back bottom of it broke off. It took me about 15 minutes to fix it. After it was fixed I put a place mat on the table (a special place mat that when you put them on the table your silverware and plates will not slide around). I put the Star Destroyer on the place mat and took removable cockpit off and placed it on another place mat. After that I went back into my bunk and cleaned up a little. Then I had breakfast, many pancakes and bacon. I baked the pancakes myself with chocolate chips and syrup. Then I helped Nana wash the dishes. Then I played with the Star Destroyer again. Then we arrived at Port Jeff. I was amazed at how fast we got there. In Port Jeff I floated around in the dink and then I helped Grandpa put in the depth meter in the dink and went around the boat to see how deep it was. Next we went to the beach with Nana and I got to drive the dink. I went swimming and found some interesting shells. We lost sight of Grandpa around the corner of the island so Nana and I went hunting for Grandpa. We found him. Then I went swimming some more and I drove the dink on dink ride and then went back to the boat. Next it was time for Grandpa and Nana's wine and cheese so I had to sit and think of something to do. I ate lots of cheese. We had steak, macaroni and corn with salsa sauce. Then after dinner I identified the shells we found. Then I went back in the dink. We are now watching the sunset.

You can follow our progress on Google maps at Maine cruise.