Wednesday, June 27, 2007

At Haverstraw Cove

Today I steered the boat for several hours. I used the remote control. It didn't have speed on it but it had turning buttons. Nana helped me as well. After that I got back to work on my Imperial Star Destroyer but I have not finished it yet. I believe it will take another day to finish it. Also I took Nana out in the dinghy and rode around but Nana wouldn't row, I had to do all the rowing, poor me. I saw 41 ducks in our anchorage area. We heard thunder but there was no thunderstorm. Then I worked on my Imperial Star Destroyer again. And here I am writing some more of the blog. The End and I will write some more tomorrow. Matthew.

Well, just to set the record straight, Matthew had plenty of rest too! And he had great fun with the dighy although we always kept the painter attached to the boat.

We specialize in reaching anchorages at dead low tide. The more we could use a little leeway, the more exacting we are about arriving at dead low. Today was no different. We got off from PYC around 10:00 against the tide and wind (of course!) and started our entrance in the Haverstraw Cove (see first blog) within 2 minutes of low tide. I draw 5.0 feet and I saw 5.3 feet outside the entrance using the GPS route in the first blog. However, I should have seen more since the low tide was actually 0.7 above the chart datum. Oh well, I had no problem getting in. Once over the bar, the entrance by the red roof building is 12 feet or more and we're anchored in 20 feet of water (turn to port after the entrance). We saw whitecaps in the bay but it's perfectly calm here and protected 360 degrees. Tomorrow we're headed for Newport Marina early and hope to avoid the storms from the cold front coming down.


Anonymous said...

Sarah wants you to know that she loves you all day and she wants to go sailing with you.Natalie says " Come home soon!!!Matthews on the fleetwing."
Wow, your lego ship is huge.It looks like you worked hard on it.I also heard you have been a big help on the boat.Great job on all your hard work.
Happy sailing,We look forward to your next update.