Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Helm time for everyone

Rowan concentrates
Hello, it's me Natalie and I just got to say that Today was an awesome day! First we motored up to Eddyville and swam, played in the dink, and ate lunch. Then we backed tracked to Kingston and went into the pool and swam for a while. It was an exciting and exhausting day! I am so excited for tomorrow! Hello Sarah here and today was super fun, my cousins actually convinced me to swim off the back of the boat and I had a great time. After that we went to the place where we'd be docking and I caught the cleat once again. After that we went swimming again but in the marinas pool and we spent a good 2 hours there. Now we're tired out reading books and relaxing, well goodbye read ya later gator bye! Hello it's Finn again and it's Tuesday. So basically today we went to Connelly and today was great. We got to go in a pool, in the boat,etc... Motoring down the river was fun. The best part was playing the dink! Hello it's me again Rowan, I floated today and this my first time swimming in the water since I can't swim. I got to play in the dink and I got to float in the river and I almost sank because I was so heavy in my life jacket.

Natalie, same concentration
Coming north from PYC every kid had their turn at the wheel. One thing you notice right off the bat is the tendency to treat staying on course via the Garmin as if it was a video game. They stare intently at the Garmin and try to steer the boat along the course line instead of looking ahead for obstacles. However, they are all learning and Sarah spent more of the time at the helm. 

Ann in a dink
Then it was time in the water, what grandkids don't like the water!? First it was in the creek at the anchorage and then in the pool by the mariina, lots and lots of time being wet.  Meanwhile, I had a balky air conditioner to fix. With a high of 94 predicted for Wednesday, we did not want a non working A/C! Eventually I was able to get it running again by cleaning out the lines, debris had collected and the filter had split open, not too good on quality there. 

A pool with a sunshade!
I think the kids had a good time and it's more pool time tomorrow and maybe a dinghy ride in the morning if the grandparents recover.