Monday, July 4, 2016

Four grandkids on a boat!


oday is our first day  this summer on the Fleetwing and we have a real treat all four of us are going to write in the blog today. Hi my name is Finn, I am going first. Today I was starting to get used to the Fleetwing, but it rocks a back and forth a lot! But it does remind me of home, besides it's only four days on the boat. Plus I get to stay with my cousins! I mean seriously, they'll keep me occupied! Also, I get to sleep in the aft cabin which I never get to do when my parents are hear!: ) Hi I'm Natalie and I am very excited to go sailing tomorrow! I haven't done it in a long time and it gives you a break from life. You just feel the wind in your hair and relax! Then we are going swimming, with my cousins, too! Plus I might be able to drive the boat, which will be extremely fun if we do it!I am Rowan, I am going to have a Boston tea party, goodbye.  Hello I'am sarah, today me and my family drove to my grandparents house to see my grandparents and spent a week with them and my cousins. Also our family got a  new puppy  a couple weeks ago and hoolie doesn't seem to have a problem with her. After we played a board game and ate lunch all of our parents went back home.Then we packed the van and headed to the boat. We all help prepping the boat for our stay. Now were just relaxing and hanging out. Well goodbye, you'll read us tomorrow bye. 

We have our all four of our grandkids for the next three days and as is our boat rule, the kids on board do the first paragraph of the blog. Rowan is the youngest but he asked if we could have a tea party and throw some sea into the ocean! All seems calm at the moment (before the storm.) and we're collecting anecdotes for some fun with their parents! What kids say...

Our plan is to head north to Kingston for a dock at a marina that has a swimming pool, got to keep the kids happy. Hopefully we can do some sailing too. However, whenever a train comes by there's a stampede to the cockpit, the two boys like trains!