Monday, May 3, 2010

Mallorca, Spain

The day dawned overcast with a threat of rain as we came into Mallorca. We had given up any idea of a small, rural island like the ones we’re used to in the Caribbean. Well, Mallorca was thick with bumper to bumper traffic which we had ample time to experience in our bus tour into the mountains. The threat of rain materialized into reality with a vengeance. It poured! We toured gardens and a monastery in the soaking rain. All the islands we’ve been to have been mountainous and Mallorca was right there too. The scenery offered views of the mountains descending right to the ocean in steep cliffs. The Michelin guide gave the island two stars for views from the mountain road, a rare rating by Michelin.

On the way back, the access road was flooded and we creeped along an interstate type road (on this small island!). On these cruises, the ship leaves on-time, regardless of whether everybody is aboard or not. They do make exceptions for excursions they schedule but not for anybody else just wandering around town. Another couple was on the way back to the boat and discovered that the road they had walked on the way out was now covered with three feet of water. It was now 5:30 which was all aboard time with the boat due to leave at 6:00! Having no other choice, they decided to wade through waist deep water in a dip in the road on the way to return to the boat. Otherwise, they would have to reach the next boat stop some other way to rejoin the cruise.

We had a nice dinner, a bottle of wine and even went upstairs for a nightcap of another glass of wine. It was a quiet evening – or so we thought!!