Friday, May 14, 2010

Final Thoughts

Well, we had a great time. Four days in Spain, 12 days on the Royal Clipper and four days in Rome - what's not to like? We expected great service and great food on the Clipper and we got it. But, we also expected more sailing but we were more like a motorboat than a sailing vessel. Also unexpected was the 70 mph winds with 25 foot waves for a full day but the ship handled the weather safely although with a lot of rolling. Being driven through Rome to the airport at over 100 mph was something I would not want to repeat! Still, it all was a grand adventure and lots of fun.

As for the future, we plan on a cruise to Long Island Sound starting the end of June for six weeks, returning by August 15 to get ready for our grand cruise down the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) on Fleetwing to Florida for the winter. We have a dock reserved in Key West for the month of February. I will be writing blogs for both cruises so you'll be able to follow them right here.

I have to work on Fleetwing, our 42 foot Beneteau 423, to get it ready for launch later this month. I'm adding a Class B AIS transponder so I'll be visible on other ships' AIS detectors and an isolation transformer to save my zincs when in a marina, lots to do! So long until the end of June.


Paul+Margit said...

Hi Ann+Bob,

we see you had a good time in Rome and survived the taxi ride to the airport. Lucky you.
In the meantime we watched Ann`s paintings on her website. Wonderful !
Your blog is really great. We recommend it to all our friends.

Greetings from the Berlin Theatre-Festival, also to Ann+ Leatham

Margit+Paul (RC)

Bob423 said...

Hi Paul and Margit,

Good to hear from you, glad you enjoyed the blog. It will start up again in late June when we cruise Long Island Sound for six weeks and again on September 15 when we start our first ever cruise down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Florida - that will be a long blog (September till May). We found "as slow as possible" with a Google search - I never would have thought the idea was possible! Amazing.