Saturday, April 3, 2021

Titusville - We head west to the St Johns River


Typical boat ramp in Florida - that's the St Johns River - kind of narrow this far south

We decided to just head west from Titusville to see what we found. We had no destination in mind and no map to follow except just heading west. First off we had to detour around a huge lake that we didn't know existed, South Lake. There were actually a few hills along the way, a rarity in Florida. 

The predominant tree is still the palm

The countryside changed from just palm trees to a mixture of hardwoods and shrubs. Striaght as an arrow, we headed west and eventually ran into the St Johns River which roughly runs north/south. It's very shallow but is the home to numerous alligators. We found C.S. Lee Park and boat ramp and explored the area. These areas are not terribly scenic, they serve to provide water access to residents - and home to alligators - of which we saw none today. 

We had wanted a respite from the high winds on the boat and a trip out west was perfect. This evening, the winds have finally died off and it's like being on land. Monday is the start of a push to get everything ready for the trip north in Fleetwing in 1 and 1/2 weeks. In North Carolina, the lows were in the upper 20s, that's too cold for a trip on a boat. We're hoping everything warms up for us. We've had our shots so we wanted to enjoy the trip home by getting off the boat and seeing the sights. 


captainwjm said...

Bob, I'm concerned that y'all are too cavalier about getting out and about now that you're vaccinated. We've come too far to let our guard down now. So please continue to wear a mask and avoid crowds as you prepare to head north.