Thursday, August 16, 2018

Active Links Available

For all those who have bought the printed copy, the links are in blue and underlined. As I said before, you can download the eBook for free if you bought the printed copy. All those blue, underlined links are fully active in the eBook. Only 25% of those buying the printed copy have downloaded their free eBook so far.

However, there is another way to access the links. You can go to Links for 2018 Guide and look up the links you are interested in. They are arranged by Guide page number. 

For example, page 53 of the Guide has 10 links for various good provisioning stops. The second link on the page is for RE Mayo Docks. Go down the list of links at "Links for 2018 Guide" until you come to page 53 and you'll see RE Mayo Docks underlined. Click on that link and it will bring up the RE Mayo website which in this case is a Facebook page. 

This technique works for all Guide links which are in blue and underlined. You don't have to look anything up on Google. It's a time-saving way to enjoy the over 200 links in the 2018 ICW Cruising Guide.

Meanwhile, Fleetwing is on the hard getting ready for another season down the ICW. I sanded and stained the teak toe rail on Fleetwing today. Now I have to start on the hull/ I plan to launch Fleetwing on 8/28/2018 so I have my work cut out for me - and it's hot up here now.