Friday, August 26, 2016

Shallotte Inlet - major changes in depths

Survey of 8/8/2016
You can see that there's a big change at the Shallotte Inlet ICW Crossing! I breezed through here in the spring of 2016 with no problems but the channel has dramatically filled in. The best water is actually outside the charted channel on the red side. Here's a direct link to the Wilmington District ACOE survey of 8/8/2016. The ACOE provided three waypoints to follow through the area with the caution that things will certainly be changing here, stay tuned to Active Captain. I've included the three waypoints as a GPX file (see GPX Files at left). It's named BShallotte. 

Since we're getting ready to leave September 15 for Florida down the ICW, I will be watching ahead for reports of shallows that were okay in the spring of 2016 but are now not so good. I will post what I find here in the blog and add GPX routes as needed at left. The inlet carried 8.3 MLW in the spring. 

Meanwhile, Ann and I are watching developments in the Atlantic. We need a three day window to run down the New Jersey coast to reach the safety of Chesapeake City. The Atlantic appears to acting up and we may have a problem finding a window. We will not force anything, we want calm weather going south by the coast.