Monday, March 1, 2010

Last Day of Snorkeling and Lunch Out

The ocean finally calmed on Monday and so we headed once again to Scott's Head over the same fun road with all the switchbacks and drop offs. Ann wondered how long horns last on Dominica. One of the snorkeling spots was close to a switchback on the road and we constantly heard the honking of horns as buses and cars negotiated the turn. It reminded me of being on a boat in a deep fog when we had to sound the fog horn every two minutes. People with houses near switchbacks must get tired of the noise.

At any rate, the water was indeed calm at Scott's Head and we snorkeled for almost two hours. We saw a school of squid that was fun to watch. Christmas Tree worms were present in bright orange and as we were heading into shore, we surprised a stingray! I swam over it and took a video before snapping a photo. Thewater is so warm that you never get cold and with the calm waters, it was a joy to snorkel in the area. Eventually we had to come out and headed over our adventurous road again.

For celebration we went out to lunch in town and found a cruise ship docked. This one was German and the strange thing was that the entire area was cordoned off. There were security officers at both ends of the street and no vendors were allowed. We asked about that and heard that German ships do not like street vendors and the passengers from such ships make it a point of spending nothing on vendors. They go straight from their ship to, perhaps, a tour bus and nowhere else. It seems a shame that the local people don't get a chance to present their wares. I was told, however, that the locals love the American boats, the passengers always like to tour the vendors and buy souvenirs. Strange about some customs.  The photo below is of Scott's Head snorkeling area.