Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mill Creek - at anchor, day 2

The shoreline provides oportunities for pet relief
Instead of going from here to Deltaville and then on to Hampton we decided to just stay an extra day here and move on to Hampton on Sunday. It's a 57 Nm trip but we can make it in 8 hours or so. The winds were predicted to be 10 to 15 with gusts to 20 and waves of 2 to 3 feet so we just stayed put. Sunday is supposed to be calmer with 5 to 10 kts of winds and waves of 1 to 2 feet.  Besides, this is a very pleasant anchorage with lots of room and great protection. We were the only one in our cove and Hoolie relief is nearby on a deserted beach.

Meanwhile I had fun with waterworks. I had a leaking fitting and I had been in a marine store and bought every fitting they had - but they didn't have a 3/8 inch female hose connection. Guess which fitting I needed?! So I rummaged around and found a plastic hose connector of the right type and cobbled the connection together. I will need to replace the fitting the first chance I get with a solid brass connection. It's amazing the variety of connections and hoses you may need while underway.

We are all alone in our cove
We'll leave around 8:00 am or so and should be in Hampton by 3:30 pm at Downtown Hampton Public Piers. We heard that the Virginia Cut was just opened but the Dismal Swamp was still closed due to high water. There always seems to be something although I can't complain about the weather. It's much better than last year when it was so cold and rainy.


Tom Wadsworth said...

A question please: How are the crab traps on the way in to Mill Creek?
Tom Wadsworth

Bob423 said...

Tom, less than a dozen, if that many.