Friday, February 16, 2018

Natalia is on the left, Sarah on the right
Natalie: Today was a peaceful day, I relaxed in the aft cabin for a while then the crew went out on a grocery run. During this time my dad and I stayed behind to help a fishing boat come into the dock next to us. After that we headed on a walk for two hours and had lunch at The Island Dog, I definitely recommend the chicken caesar wrap! With that we came back to the boat where I cooled down in the air conditioned aft. When the relaxing was over Mom, Sarah, and I went on a walk all around Duval St and had some gelato at Duetto very, very good. For dinner we had a very cranberry, chicken, and many different salads, and coleslaw. When dinner was over Sarah and I ate Oreos on the dock watching the boats come in or as I call it enjoying life!  

Sarah: Today I woke up and had cereal for breakfast in the cockpit. Today was a grocery day so we went and conquered the store with three whole wagons. After we did two trips from the car to get the bags on the boat me, mom, and Natalie went on walk. We went down Duval Street seeing the different shops. After a while we stopped and got some amazing gelato. We went up and down the streets watching the trolleys pass by. Afterwards Natalie and I hung out on deck while I read some of Grandpa’s book. The sunset was gorgeous to watch and the breeze felt wonderful. I heard from my friends in Connecticut that it was rainy but in Key West it was in the 80s. We had dinner and now Natalie and I might play some Black Jack, bye!

Typical alley sight, this was from a tree in full bloom
Having two teenage girls on board is an experience. I think they are enjoying Key West and the change in the weather from Connecticut. I explored more of the backstreets of Key West. The alleys usually border the backyards of the houses and they plant ornamental trees and flowers which are in full bloom. So Hoolie and I walk along and enjoy the view.

This is the sunset the girls were enjoying
Saturday is our sailing day as our weather continues to be extraordinary. With all the crew, it's no problem backing out and unlooping the lines off the top of the pilings. Philip has a personal challenge with his sister who reached 8.2 kts when she sailed Fleetwing! (not that there's any competition between siblings...)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Key West - A day of rest and piling replacement

Sarah is doing a Flemish coil on our lines with Natalie watching
Sarah and Natalie arrived today with their parents from the frozen north. Now they have blog duties along with enjoying Key West.

Natalie: Yesterday we got to the boat after a long day of hiccups and lots of naps! Today we took it slow but still had some fun. First people came in and took two damaged pillars out of the ground to replace them after the hurricanes. My dad and I went out to get coffee from the Cuban Coffee Queens which I must say, even though I do not like coffee the Cuban sandwiches are truly Tasty! As we continued our slow day I sat on the back of Nana and Grandpa’s boat watching the dinks trying to get by the big barge in the way! In the afternoon everybody (including Hoolie) but my dad went for a walk around the marina. After a while Nana, Grandpa, and holy went back to the boat and mom, Sarah, and I walked around to some of the stores near by. Now I must go so I can enjoy some chicken potpie by my Nana!

Manatees made their first appearance in the harbor today
Sarah: Today I woke up and I thought I was still in a dream! Going through exams and project after project really made Key West a relief. We had a delighted breakfast with beautiful warm weather. For the rest of the morning I read boat related books and watched construction workers taking out pilings. The pilings they were taking out were damaged from the storms months before. After we eventually went on a walk to see beautiful Key West. Walking through the streets and on the docks made me realize how long I have been going here. I knew where everything was and Key West doesn’t really feel like vacation, but  amazing home away from home. The bright tropical spirit and beautiful waters are the things that make you fall in love with this place. On the walk we went to CVS to get some essentials and we looked around in some stores. I got strawberry gelato and we walked back to the boat. I find it funny watching people paying so much to go on these crowded big boats. Afterwards, Natalie and I talked and hung out on deck watching the sunset. Now I am writing the Blog and can’t wait for another gorgeous day in Florida!

After pounding in
Sarah is a Freshman in highschool and Natalie is in the 8th grade. They both will have blog duties during their week long stay on Fleetwing. After the long trip yesterday, complete with driving through a grass fire along US 1, it was time for a rest. It worked out okay since today was also still a work day for the barge fixing damaged pilings. It's amazing how deep they drive the pilings. They completed the repair work for now and will be going over to Garrison Bight marina to do more extensive repairs. It suffered a lot more damage than Key West Bight.

We plan a more active day on Friday with a trip to the supermarket for provisions and wine. Mostly, it will be just enjoying the warm, Key West weather with temps in the high 70's every day and no rain.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Key West - Piling repair day

No room, no room! Too tight a fit.
With the hurricane came damaged pilings. Nobody wanted to move but the damaged pilings still had to be replaced so the repair barge started moving this morning. They started down our fairway but quickly ran into trouble, they could not clear the first set of boats and so this huge  barge with a crane on top, backed up. They had three pushers to help steer the barge. There was not much room but they backed out successfully.

By the dinghy dock, still a tight fit.
Having tried to come down the fairway with boats in place, the boats on the other side of the fairway now had to move (they were not happy). Now the barge once again came down the fairway but this time they had enough room to clear everyone and wound up by the dinghy dock where a couple of pilings had to be replaced which consumed the rest of the afternoon.

Now they are done for the night and snug up against the opposite docks
We have a piling right next to us that has an orange ribbon on it so we are due for a replacement piling too. We were told we didn't have to move since they have a crane and can just pick it up without disturbing us (we hope). The barge with the carne is massive! A little 1 kt push against us would crush us! Our turn comes on Thursday so we'll see what develops.

Meanwhile, we're waiting for our second crew to arrive and we just heard they are held up north of route 1 due to a forest fire. Route 1 is closed due to smoke so we don't know when they will arrive. This is as of 7:00 pm and they still have about a 3 hour trip at best. I think it's going to be a late night.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Key West - Secrets of Key West, Part I

Flowers along one of our walks
There are certain enjoyments in Key West that are not generally known, especially to tourists. One example are the variety of walks that include excursions through small streets between the major thoroughfares. They could be called alleys I guess but they are lovely and usually decorated with flowers and tropical plants. In a later post I'll detail our favorite paths and discuss what to see along the way.

A typical setting in Key West for a performer in a restaurant, repeated throughout Key West
Another example are certain musicians that not only play or sing well but also entertain the audience. There are hundreds of musicians in Key West but only a few that fit into the category I described above. Tonight we witnessed Fiona perform her magic at a nearby restaurant, Key West Bite. She was born in Ireland and now tours all over the US but has made Key West her home for the past several years. Whenever she plays we make it a point to seek her out. She has her own following that will fill any restaurant she plays in.

But Fiona is special, a real find
I'm sure that other people would have other lists of favorites but we are of a certain age and do not enjoy music so loud our insides vibrate. We like a melody and the ability to actually listen to the music without having to cover our ears.

Meanwhile, our second crew will be on their way Wednesday to arrive at Key West late, probably after 8:00 pm. Sarah and Natalie along with their parents will spend a week with us in the sun here, lots of fun!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Key West - Wyland and piling repair

Wyland's mural in Key West by our dock
The crew was sad to leave at 7:00 am this morning on their way to Ft Lauderdale for a motel so they can catch the early flight out Tuesday morning. It was a grand time and nothing can compare to having a grandkid for six weeks on a boat. It's a great experience for the kid but also a great way for the grandparents to get to know their grandkids. We enjoyed every minute of it although Finn may not have enjoyed the homework so much. Carrie, Finn's mother, scanned in all the homework and tests that Finn completed and sent them to his school so he qualifies for returning to his class at the same level as the rest of the students.

Wyland's mural on Williams street is intact! It suffered no apparent storm damage and is as bright as ever. Wyland has about 100 murals of this type scattered all over the world. He will periodically refresh the paint if one starts to fade a bit. He has an art gallery in Key West that we like to visit when we're here.

Here's one piling that didn't survive - to be replaced this week.
Key West Bight suffered very little damage but some of the pilings still have to be replaced. That's causing some consternation when the crane doing the replacing blocks the access to charter boats trying to make a living. We have a piling due to be replaced but we can stay in place for the procedure although we won't be able to leave our slip for a couple of days which is not a problem for us but is a problem for charter captains running excursions. Nevertheless, a few pilings do have to be replaced but there will be some grumbling.

Our next crew is due to arrive Wednesday night for a week's stay provided they recover from a stomach virus that has put them to bed for the last two days.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Key West - Last day for the first crew

Finn is the one on the right
Well I guess this is it. I always hate goodbyes but I guess it’s the only thing I can say to you. Today was a good last day. We went shopping around Duval Street. I got a leather bracelet with a skull on it. But I had to tie it to my wrist. Tonight’s dinner was amazing. I had shrimp with garlic sauce on top so it tasted like cheese shrimp. They combined the best things in the world. I also got a bag of candy at It’s Sugar. I am the only one I know that likes black liquorice. Tomorrow we’re leaving at 7:00 am. I am going to bed early. Well I guess this is goodbye so Good Bye and see you in the summer!       

A view of El Siboney showing about 1/2 of the seating area
Well, the Japanese are tourists (how did they find this place?)
The gang went for one last stroll down Duval Street, window shopping and just enjoying the warm weather. Rowan got his dad to take him on the Key West Conch Tour Train. It wasn't at the top of the list for Rowan's dad but it was number one with Rowan - he likes all things about trains. 

We were treated to a dinner out at El Siboney, a caribbean style restaurant that's a favorite of the locals. You won't see many tourists here except those that know of the place from friends. The food is better than good and there's plenty of it. They don't bother with reservations but there's plenty of room although when we left tonight the place was about 90% full and they have  a lot of tables. Not a tourist in sight (except us).

Typical restaurant on the waterfront, no walls and live entertainment
This one is The Conch Republic Seafood Company
Our crew of the last week will be leaving Monday morning at 7:00 am to take a hotel room in Ft Lauderdale in preparation for a flight early the next day.  But we will have an empty  boat for only two days. Our next batch of escapees from the frozen north arrives Wednesday for a week's stay. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Key West - Kids to Bahia Honda and we rest

Now in full bloom
Today was a fun day. We went to Bahia Honda. We went to the beach and snorkeled too. I saw a large parrotfish in the water and a few smaller fish and minnows. I tried to follow the minnows but I lost them as I tried to catch one of them. The sun has taken a great toll on us. We are all a bit edgy with each other so we have been trying to stay away from each other. Tonight’s menu is Caribbean jerk chicken. That’s all I did today.   

Not to be outdone
The kids wanted a day at the beach so they chose Bahia Honda and we chose Fleetwing. They had a grand time swimming and snorkeling and we had a grand time resting on the back of the boat! As you can see from the photos, the flowers are coming out now in droves due to the warm weather. We're in that period of time where we seek out the shady side of the street for our walks in the afternoon instead of the sunny side. We usually flip over to the shady side in March but it's been warmer than usual for this time of the year. With all the cool weather we've had on the trip down, we certainly don't mind the warmer than usual weather now! 

While not a flower, it's shells and they want to compete too
Sunday is donut day on Fleetwing but Ann has been baking her own donuts in the oven the last few weekends. She uses a special pan that shapes the dough into a donut and then they are dipped into cinnamon at the end. They have become a hit on Fleetwing. I love the taste.

Carrie and Mike are out for their traditional last dinner before leaving for the frozen north
Remember this home from last year, it's now worth $755K, it was built in 1924
Two bedrooms and one bath. Such is Key West real estate
 again. They have to fly back on Tuesday so they will leave Key West for a hotel Monday night in Ft Lauderdale. So goes another week in the sun!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Key West - Aquarium Day and Time Bandits

This is the breakwater that saved Key West Bight Harbor - but it did collect a few boats that washed up on its shore.
The storm waters never breached the breakwater
Today was a good day. We took a walk to aquarium and saw the fish. Rowan got to touch fish in the fish tank. I think touch tanks are crueler to the fish. Imagine having big hands come down and randomly touch you. I had a large bacon burger. I couldn’t finish it. We got to see large turtles. One had a prosthetic flipper. He had his flipper cut of in a motor accident. We are watching Time Bandits tonight for a movie. That’s all I did today.                                                                                                                        
A closer look at some of the debris that washed up but was stopped by the breakwater
(Rowan’s part by Finn) Today I made wind surfers with Nana. We also went on a walk with grandpa and are watching Time Bandits. We also went to the aquarium today. My favorite part was the alligators and feeding the fish. For dinner we had Nana’s potpie which was pretty good. We also saw the aquarium’s turtles. There was a big one in the stingray tank. There were some turtles in the tanks with missing flippers. I felt bad for them. That’s all I did today.            
A tradition at Key West is the feeding for the pelicans at 4:00. They love the fish left over from the fillets

The gang went over to the Key West Aquarium which is better than you might expect for such a small town. There's a lot of touching and feeling for the local critters even with Finn's objections. The aquarium suffered some damage to their outside exhibits but there was plenty to see and do inside. I highly recommend it 

We also scouted out a local for Finn's fishing. There's a pier by the Galleon  that allows fishing from a small spot on their walkway. Finn has his heart set on trying out the skills he learned while fishing with Uncle Harry. I asked and learned that Finn does not need a license to fish in the ocean but it has to be catch and release since we are not up on what's in season or out of season and they are quite strict on that down here.

We have the kids tonight while their parents have a night out. They wanted to watch Time Bandits which they've all seen at least three times but they never seem to tire of it.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Key West - Sailing Day

Finn loved to do "green sailing"
Today was an awesome day. We went sailing. I dipped my feet into the water. I got to drive too. We did school work regularly Math reading and spelling. Grandpa and me took a walk to the dock master to find out if I can fish off the back of the boat. He said there is a large section devoted to fishing but we where not there. Sailing was fun. Mainly because I got to sail on completely green fuel so that was fun. As I said I got to drive to but all in all it was a good experience. That’s all I did today.

Finn's Dad, Mike. A great day of sailing
(This is Rowan’s dad again, writing for him after enjoying one of THE best days of sailing and now enjoying a nice glass of whiskey. Please excuse any spelling errors) Today we went sailing, it was actually pretty fun! I made a few videos to show my class when I get back. Tonight we are having cheeseburgers for dinner and leftovers. Right now I’m just hanging out on the boat. And for me that was all today. Bye.  

Another view of America 2.0 under full sail
It was one of those days that was meant for sailing. The winds were 10 to 15 kts which is perfect for our boat. It was mostly steady around 12 kts but there were gusts to 17 which added a dose of excitement to the sailing. You had to be on your toes to keep the boat pointed where you wanted to go. Everybody took turns at the wheel, even Rowan for a while. I think Finn enjoyed it the most. He's a big fan of "green power" which is the essence of sailing, no diesel fuel when powered by the wind. 

Finn's mother, Carrie hit 8.2 kts today!
Getting in and out of our slip is always fun but once you get the lines set up for the proper length so you don't hit the dock in front, it's no problem. Ann prepared hamburgers all around and everyone was full. The weather continues to be more than perfect - highs of 76 and lows of 68 to 70 at night with a 10 to 15 kt breeze, just great. I don't think I'll ever go back to winters up north. 

Finn has truly caught the fishing bug and he wants to spend all day Saturday fishing off the pier nearby. I suppose I'll accompany him in the pursuit of his new found passion. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Key West - Finn goes fishing with Uncle Harry

Uncle Harry and Finn fishing. Finn thinks he has a catch.
Today was a successful day. First thing in the morning I got to take a long bath because I went up to the locker room showers on shore. Let me tell you it felt amazing. We also went fishing with Mr. Fish. We caught 2 grunts and 3 others I could not remember the names of. He also showed us where he tied up his boat. There were so many iguanas I could not keep track of them. At the end of the day he gave me some equipment for fishing. He said I can fish off the back of the boat here so I know what I am doing Saturday afternoon. We also saw a group of divers that are going to navigate to the beach for an excursion. That’s all I did today.  

His catch. It's mostly hidden by all the hands
tying to keep it and still in the boat.
(This is Rowan’s dad again, writing for Rowan). Today I went for a walk with my parents that was very tiring. I was so tired and hot that I got a key lime slushie with ice cream in it. It was awesome (except for the ice cream)! And yes, I DID really want to ride the Conch Train. (editors note – we have ridden the Conch Train with Rowan for 2 years in a row. To say we’re over it is an understatement, and we are doing everything in our power to not do it for a 3rd year. Unfortunately, Rowan has the tenacious memory of a terrier). Tonight for dinner we had some fish that Finn caught because Finn went fishing on an actual fishing boat. It was actually pretty great, I liked it! I think that’s all. See ya later, turtle!      

Today was an extraordinary day for Finn. He  fished in the ocean for the first time in his life. Harry is a friend we met in Key West that came from the same county as us in New York. We were practically neighbors but didn't know it. One day he was coming by in his fishing boat and saw the back of Fleetwing with our home town, Lagrangeville, He stopped by and we've seen each other at Key West ever since. We get the freshest fish in the world from him.

Tarpon, these guys are big!
In addition to the fishing, Finn fed the tarpons at Sunset Marina. They have an area right by the marina office where the tarpons congregate. They just love shrimp which is the food of choice. They run up to five feet for the ones we saw, maybe six feet.

Iguanas, big and orange, dozens sunning themselves in the mangroves.
We started out in the Gulf north of Key West and then switched over to the ocean side where Finn caught two grunts which he and Rowan ate tonight. They were good. Back at Fleetwing, Uncle Harry even gave Finn one of his rod and reels! Finn is anxious to try out fishing for himself. He found out that there are some fine points to fishing. You don't just dip the fishing rod in and wait. You have to reach the bottom by feeling the line, then wait for a nibble, and then jerk the rod up in order to set the hook. Otherwise, the fish will just feast on your bait without biting on the hook. Finn watched carefully and he hopes to put his lessons to use off the back of our boat while he's here.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Key West - Finn's parents arrive for a week, "Peace Out,Titanium"

Here's the view from the clubhouse, we are on the left dock
Hi, I'm Rowan and I want my time on the boat too,
Sometime in the future
Today was a good day. My parents came, we did some cleaning, we are having sandwiches and school went by like a bee returning to his hive (witch is pretty quick actually) Editor's Note: Finn has been learning figurative language. My mom is getting some Cuban sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen. I am getting the Cuban mix when the others want shipwrecks, but it’s spicy so I didn’t get it. My little brother is getting plain ham and cheese. Here’s Rowan.    

(Rowan’s part will be typed by his dad. All opinions expressed by Rowan are his only and in no way represent anyone else aboard the Fleetwing)
Finally, after 150 miles of car travel, I get to relax on the boat with my brother! I’m looking forward to seeing turtle races. And I got to admit, the plane ride was cool and there were TVs in the back of the seats. I also saw the old Key West train bridge that runs next to the road, and one day I hope to walk on it. I think that’s all for today. Peace out, titanium! (I have absolutely no idea what this means as he’s never said it before).

In his mother's arms
Everyone arrived on schedule. Finn's parents came through Baltimore and arrived at Ft Lauderdale on a non-stop flight, the only way to go. The rented a minivan and drove down to Key West. They reported seeing a lot of devastation in the Marathon area. Where there used to be mangroves between the road and the ocean, there was only ocean now. Houses that were on the ocean side had been moved to the bay side. We didn't see any of that on our stop over since we only stayed on night in a marina on the outskirts of Marathon.

We now have a full house. There was a joyful reunion between Finn and his mom and dad. He's only 11 years old and being away from his parents for so long is still a new experience for him. For dinner we made it easy with an order of Cuban Sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen. They are relatively inexpensive at $8.50 each and they are very filling.

We are looking forward to the week with lots to do and explore. Finn and Rowan (his brother) still have schoolwork to do, no vacation there, so part of the day will be taken up with studying. Finn wants to go in the ocean and Rowan wants to see trains. It's an exciting time for them and us.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Key West - A hair cut for Ann and a night walk on Duval Street

Nana got a haircut and got a hug from Finn
Today was a normal day. We started it of with a walk and had breakfast. We then did school work. I did math reading spelling and science. Then a man came by named Mr. Spencer. They talked for a while and left. I then did my trumpet. We re cooked last night's dinner and ate that. Tomorrow my parents are coming for a week. I have a plan on what to do when they get here. That’s all I got for you. 

Duval Street at 7:00 on a Monday. There's more people here than it appears
The boat was all abuzz with getting ready for our first set of visitors, Finn's parents. There was laundry to do and other things less pleasant (pump out). With all that, we are now ready for our escapees from the cold, they will be with us for a week.

The Bull and Whistle Bar is still going strong - and I suspect the third floor although I have no direct knowledge of that...
We take Hoolie out every evening so tonight we thought of a walk down Duval Street at 7:00 pm. In past years it was wall to wall people and although I wouldn't call it uncrowded but there were fewer people here than in past years. It was a pleasant walk in what would pass in the north for an evening stroll in the summer.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Key West - A Sunset at Mallory Square

Time to head over - this is from our slip 
Today was a good day. We are going to go see the madness in Mallory Square. We are going to see the sun set as well. I have yet been able to a sun set at Key West manly due to the large crew ship in the way. We had donuts for breakfast. They tasted amazing as always, but they where donuts holes this time. A few weeks back nana ordered a donut maker. It came with 2 separate pans. You put on top and on bottom and volia you have a donut. That’s all I got for you today.      

We are now officially in Key West weather. The cockpit was opened up on all sides, the first time  since we've been in Key West. The weather for Carrie and Mike's visit look ideal with temps in the mid 70's and no rain, lots of sun. 

Crowds are gathered elbow to elbow, about three deep at least. The sunset is a big event in Key West
With this being a non-school day, Nana took the day off and we just enjoyed the sun. With the promise of a sunset, we headed over to Mallory Square for the sunset festivities. Usually, the area is filled with performers but not this time. Of course, the reason was probably the Super Bowl at 6:30. I'm sure the crowds would have been much greater on a non-Super Bowl night. 

Ah, the last of the setting light - there's that island that always seems to pop up
So we watched the sun set and the sky lit up with lots of orange and reds. You would like to have the sun set right on the horizon but as the sun sets, there always seems to be some far-off island that gets in the way. A green flash is only visible if the sun sets right on the horizon without an intervening island, I'm told. 

On Monday, it's time to get the boat ready for the Tuesday arrival of Finn's parents and brother for a week. I've got to find a place for all the stuff we've stored in the aft cabin, a day's job. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Key West - Cook's Night Out with dinner at Schooner Wharf

One of the most famous sights in Key West for photos
Today is another day in Key West. It is Nana's night off so we are going to Schooner Wharf for dinner. There was a book sale at the library so I got one called The Grunts. It is an account about a marine in the Vietnam War and another also on Vietnam but explains the strategy used in the war. One more one about a boy living on a large boat. We went to the dog park again but Hoolie got a bit tired so we went home. We went to the store and got provisions at Faustus. That’s all I got for you today.     

The book sale is located in a garden next to the library
With a good morning sun, I decided to take the obligatory photo in front of the Cuban Coffee Queen, given the good morning light. It must be one of the most popular photo sites in Key West. I think the painting is refreshed every year. 

The flowers are starting to come out in Key West
The next stop was at the monthly library sale where you can pick up some good books at bargain prices. They used to have paperbacks but this month they did not. That's too bad, the hardcover books seem so bulky to me now. Even the paperbacks take up a lot of space on a sailboat. About 90% of what we read now a days is via our Kindles. It's convenient to have but lending books is not easy. If you own a paperback or hardcover, then you can loan it to anybody, not so with a digital version. Most have some form of copyright protection that prevents selling them. 

We're rather fond of these flowers on a tree that grows in Key West
With the night out for the cook, we had fish sandwiches at Schooner Wharf (Finn had a plain hamburger). Schooner does a good job on their sandwiches so everyone was happy. The band, however, was so loud we couldn't even order. I had to retreat to the bar and get within an inch of the waiter's ear to get our order across. So the food was good but the band was too loud. 

Yep, Barry is now on Saturdays at BO's Fishwagon, not Fridays
We then walked down the street to see Barry Cuda at BO's Fishwagon. He used to be a staple every Friday night but now he's playing on Saturdays. I was surprised to see that BO's was not full. Usually when Barry plays, there's not an empty seat in the house. He was by himself tonight except for accompaniment by drums. We'll be back later in the month and perhaps eat there too since it looks like there's room now.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Key West - Civil War Reenactment

Civil War reenactment march down Duval
Today was a good day. We had are morning walk too. I had a regular breakfast. We took Hoolie to the dog park today.  We did my schoolwork. We filled the water tank too. Tonight’s menu is Fajita. It’s basically a chicken taco with lime sauce on top for the extra flavor. At the dog park there where 2 other dogs. One did not partially like me so I stayed away from it. That’s all I got for you tonight.  
Once a year, Key West stages a reenactment of the Civil War. Key West, although it was thoroughly in the south, it was always held by the Union. It was open to the sea and the Union controlled the seaways. Today they marched down Duval Street all dressed in era uniforms. It seemed smaller than in years past. The enactment is staged at Ft Zachary Taylor which is just out of reach of us without a car. 

They take the era dress seriously
The other attraction of Saturday is library day where they sell paperbacks for 25 cents each. We'll walk the three blocks to the library and see what they have. We always stock up on books for the trip north later but after the advent of Kindles, we don't stock up so much. the Kindles are so convenient, a dead tree copy seems out of touch. 

Seems rather large for the pier
The island is visited by cruise ships as much as ever as far as I can tell. A couple of days there were three in port at the same time, today there was only one. They don't do anything for the local restaurants since everyone eats onboard but I guess they buy a few trinkets.