2020 ICW Cruising Guide

Your guide by Bob423 for safely navigating hazards from New York to Key West along the Atlantic ICW with full-color charts for each hazard and tips for living aboard.

I'm known as Bob423 along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and this September will be my 11th trip up and down the ICW and the 5th edition of my guide. I've made every mistake in the book except sink the boat! Why not learn from my mishaps and avoid all potential misadventures on your own cruise? My guide covers what I've learned over the past ten years and how to avoid the mud in the shallow areas. What's new in the 2020 Edition:

- All charts have been updated and redone with Aqua Map's rendition of the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) survey charts that include my track through the shallow areas as a blue dotted line and, in some cases, a GPX route too so you will know exactly how to safely proceed. 

- Introduction to ICW Weather Planning: For years Hank Pomeranz gave briefings to cruisers stopping at Southport on understanding and using weather resources. He distilled his experience into a 22-page overview that you will find most interesting.

- Do Hurricanes Cause Shoaling on the ICW? The ICW University chapter continues with new additions.

- A distance table has been added showing both statute miles (mile markers) and nautical miles between places mentioned in the guide

- Technology does not standstill. All chapters have been updated to include advances such as AIS with WiFi now being available for only $133. 

Thanks for considering the purchase of my guide. The links have been left in blue to show they can be accessed in the eBook with a tap. Please leave a review on Amazon.com. All reviews are helpful to other boaters considering a trip down the ICW.