Chesapeake City Anchorage Chart

(Updated 9/20/2016, new chart)
Chesapeake City anchorage has silted in by the entrance. I entered 9/20/2016, hugging the east bulkhead by 10 ft (do not go farther out) and had 8 MLW on the way in. Once clear of the bulkhead I turned gradually to port, aiming at the large white, two story house on shore until I was abreast of the two ACOE survey boats where I turned sharply to parallel their docks. After the turn to port I encountered 4.1 MLW for 100 ft before it deepened into the anchorage which is not silted in.

I have Navionics charts with the option to add a Sonar T-Box which enables you to produce a chart of an anchorage which I've attached below. The soundings on the chart have been corrected to MLW. Just line up with the two large ACOE boats and pass them by 10 ft and on to the deeper anchorage. The green area to the upper left is the bulkhead. The chart does not show that correctly. Apparently the program does not like you going over what it thinks is land and so it will not plot depths in such an area. Just follow the bulkhead in, standing off by 10 ft. I uploaded the chart for crowd sharing to Navionics and it should be available in a week or so for downloading to your Navionics app which you can directly use it for navigation.

All soundings are corrected to MLW - as of 9/20/2016
While we were here, we saw one sailboat with a 6 ft draft get stuck at low tide on the way in, he did not hug the bulkhead but he was inside the red buoy, that that's not enough. You have to hug the bulkhead within 10 ft or closer. We saw three other small boats that also got stuck since they honored the red buoy but were not close enough to the bulkhead. 

The free docks went unused since the depth there was only 2 to 3 ft MLW. They've refurbished the docks but to no avail since it's too shallow. I couldn't even make it to the dinghy dock at low tide.  Leaving the anchorage you have to hug the two ACOE boats and aim for the third electrical box (white box on the free dock) from the right and then make a sharp 90 degree turn to port when aligned with the bulkhead going out. Don't turn too soon, when you can see the length of the bulkhead, you can turn. 

The draft of the two ACOE boats is a little over 4 ft! Guess why that 4 ft channel is still open!