Sunday, May 24, 2020

Georgetown - at a dock

Lots of shrimp boats in Georgetown - unfortunately, all the fish markets are closed on a Sunday
We've been inundated with flies the last few days and today was no different. We are going north about a month later than usual and that time delay apparently makes a huge difference in fly power. We've taken to running with the enclosure all zipped up but with the screens open. It's hotter but better with fewer flies. They still get in but not as many. Now I know why I prefer April to May for transiting the ICW.

Harborwalk Marina has very nice docks, diesel was only $1.80/gallon!!
We're in Georgetown, SC for the night and you wouldn't know there's a pandemic about. No one is wearing a mask and the marina office has business as usual, no separate office window like in Titusville and points south and even when inside, there's no plexiglass between customers and the cashier for the dock. The use of a window office or plexiglass was the "de rigueur" up until we reached this far north. We stayed on the boat except to walk Hoolie and then were careful to keep the recommended 6 ft away from everyone else.

 We would have liked to stay in Osprey Marina but they are full so we're moving on to Grand Dunes a little farther along. As long as the weather holds, we'll keep moving every day.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Awendaw Creek - at anchor

Hoolie's favorite part of the trip - going ashore
It was a very long day for us on Friday so we treated ourselves to a short day on Saturday. Since it was a weekend, the Wappoo Creek bridge was on demand. It's very restrictive during the week but fine on the weekends. On the other hand, the Ben Sawyer swing bridge is restrictive on weekends (only opens on the hour) but opens on demand during the week. So you can't win if you need to pass through both bridges.

BoatUS came by later and the captain got the boat off and immediately took off
Pulling into the anchorage, we saw a powerboat up on land. We don't know the story but the anchorage is excellent but the holding is not as good as most anchorages. You really must be sure the anchor is dug in. At high tide, I had to return to the ICW at a beach that is accessible at all tides, a long ride but straight forward.

There were two other sailboats in the anchorage, lots of room for more
On Sunday, we have reservations in Georgetown for the night and we hope to reach Beaufort, NC  by Thursday. The weather is nice and we want to make time northward whenever the conditions are right.

Friday, May 22, 2020

St Johns Yacht Harbor in Charleston, SC - at a dock

All of these boats don't get their feet wet while stored
Our intention was to anchor at Steamboat Creek, a relatively short ride and make a run for Awendaw Creek on Saturday, over 50 NM. The weather was so beautiful with sun and light winds, that we extended our trip today all the way to St Johns Yacht Harbor, just outside of Charleston.

Another view of the marina with the high bridge in the distance 
Now we have a short day on Saturday for our anchorage at Awendaw followed by another short day to Georgetown, SC. We tried getting a reservation at Osprey Marina after Georgetown but found that they were full! We will have to look elsewhere for Monday evening.

I published my track through Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff and Watts Creek and I will follow up with details on depths seen which were better than I expected. My genset is still in pieces and I'm having the remaining pieces shipped to Homer Smith in Beaufort, NC where I hope to arrive on Thursday and have it put back together on Friday - at least that's the plan.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Lady's Island Marina at Beaufort, SC - at a dock

This guy hitched a ride on one of my finders at Windmill Harbour. I returned hin to his home before leaving
We didn't have far to go today. There were predictions of rain in the afternoon that never materialized but we had gone far enough for one day. It was a perfect day for traveling on the ICW with light winds and no wave action.

Don't ask me the name of the flower, Ann knows - but it's pretty
Lady's Island Marina is on the north side of the bridge so that's a big plus not having to wait for an opening. We were greeted warming although I didn't see anyone wearing a mask but several people had them at the ready around their neck. All of the restaurants offer take out service including the Fillin Station but we are sticking with our eating in routine as a double dose of protection. At this rate, we would reach Deltaville the first week of June but there very well may be more delays due to weather.

Wine on the back of the boat at 5:00, perfect!
On Friday, we are aiming for the anchorage at Steamboat Creek followed by a long day to reach the Awendaw Creek anchorage. On Sunday, our plans are to overnight at Georgetown and rest a bit. We are doing fine going north

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Windmill Harbour in Hilton Head, SC - in front of their clubhouse

Hidden Harbour is a gated community behind its own lock
The genset was still not fixed by 1:00 so we decided to leave anyway. There were seals on order that the supplier left out so Hinckley had to reorder that parts. They were supposed to come Tuesday, then Wednesday but both days came and went without the last of the parts. At least the heat exchanger was cleaned and reinstalled. It was definitely the problem, it was completely clogged but now it's clean as a whistle. All that remains is to replace some of the seals and fill it with antifreeze. That's going to be a job for someone else, not Hinckley. They will send the parts to a marina I will be at in a week or so and I'll have someone bring the genset back to life.

The South Carolina Yacht Club is a beautiful facility, best to be enjoyed inside but it's only take out for the present
It was an easy trip to Hidden Harbour, only 21 NM and a good staging area for reaching Beaufort, SC. We have a facedock here directly in front of the South Carolina Yacht Club, a beautiful facility which, unfortunately, is not open due to the virus. They do offer take out but it's not the same. Ann made turkey burgers for dinner and they were delicious.

Here we are, right in front of the Yacht Club
From here we plan on anchoring out at Steamboat Creek and then a long stretch to Awendaw Creek for another anchorage, sure wish we had the genet - oh well. We should wind up in Georgetown, SC on Sunday night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hinckley at Savannah - Genset parts on Wednesday

One more wine visit kby Ann Mullett
The plan now is for the genset parts to arrive Wednesday morning and for us to leave Wednesday afternoon. If the parts do not arrive on time, we told Hinckley to just put the parts that they have ina bucket and we'll take them with us. The rest of the parts, whenever they arrive, can be sent to our home in New York. We'll have them installed later, we've spent enough time in Savannah.

Looks like a nice sturdy piling to tie off to in a storm
Ann Mullett came over once again for wine at 5:30. She had the surveyor over this afternoon and the big decision is whether to total the boat or get it fixed. Ann is much in favor of getting it returned to seaworthy condition not totaled. The decision is still up in the air on that score.

Here's the same piling at low tide - Oops!
Meanwhile, we're due to get the last of the parts for the genset Wednesday morning and we hope to push off north in the afternoon for Windmill Harbour. You also might want to rethink tieing off a sturdy looking piling if you don't know the condition of what lies under the water. See the two examples of a piling nearby here.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Hinckley Savannah - Wine with Ann

The two Anns having a relaxing wine party
We had Ann Mullett over again for wine this evening. It was her boat, Meherio, that hit the bridge yesterday. She needed company and we were glad to see a fellow boater along the ICW. She single-hands her boat to the Bahamas and back and routinely does overnighters. That's more than the two of us want to tackle, all the more power to her!

She had talked to the bridge tender but he was very hard to understand and she received no warning that only one leaf was up. She approached from the south and saw both leafs open but then did not see that only one leaf on the northern side was up. She ran right into the down leaf. It has to be one of the most trying experiences you can have on a sailboat, to have the mast come down.

After five hours of washing the top deck, getting rid of the ICW mustache, doing a pump out,
taking on water, storing excess gear, with Ann cleaning the cabin - we are now ready to go. 
She's tied up on Hinckley of Savannah for now and awaiting the insurance estimate of whether to fix the boat or total it. It was good to chat with her for about an hour this evening. As for us, we are still waiting for parts that are supposed to arrive Tuesday and hopefully have the genset repaired then for a Wednesday departure. You can rest assured that we will pay close attention to that bridge!!